by Giants at Large

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released August 7, 2012



all rights reserved


Giants at Large New York, New York


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Track Name: Timebomb
Timebomb tickin' almost ready to blow
And know at any given moment
That it's set to explode
I don't want this to be
But there's nothing I can do

Your heartbeat skips at an irregular pace
But know the problems nothing vital
Easily replaced
Like we always said
Don't bite off more than you can chew

Well get through this
Track Name: 135 Syosset
I've always wondered why my father never saw his friends
He said "Son, one day you'll understand
That it's not that I don't want to
It's not that I don't care
It's that one day all good things come to an end"

Looking back those we're the best days of my life
Two Thousand Eight and Nine
When did they go away?
Looking back I took for granted all those times
And now we'll say goodbye
When did we fade away?

We're growing up, but we're still the same kids at heart
(But hanging on by a thread)
So much has changed that we're forced to grow apart
(But will I see you again?)
We'll try to make it better
(But we know that we'll never)
Cause we'll put it off, it's so sad how we pretend

How can it feel so wrong
Cause everything's the same
How can I point the finger when I'm part of whose to blame
Cause we're all afraid of change
But refuse to stand in place
And unaware on how to fight the problems that we face
Where do we go from here?
Track Name: Villian
If I'm the villain, you're the antagonist
And we'll blame this all on selfishness
But I don't we're right or wrong
No I don't think that's it at all

A distanced heart meets an endless fight
Just for searching what we think is right
How can we go on this way?
And how can we get through the day?

Cause we've all got our problems
And we're all just trying to solve them
Track Name: Doubt
Cue the sounds
This is the part I doubt myself
I'm so predictable
I'm no original

It scares me to death
Cause I'm running in place
Going no where

Are these words to literal?
Is this the perfect sound?
Can you express yourself?

It scares me to death
Cause I'm running in place
Going no where
It's times like these
We fall apart
We use our heads
And not our...

Barely believable
So ring the bell
This is me tapping out
Track Name: Morning Birds
The morning birds never sing my name
They say maybe tomorrow will be your day
But I wait the day, and tomorrow never comes
And the sun, it shines on my neighbors street
As I clear the snow that covers my feet
And I wonder, hey what's up with the weather these days?

Why try, whole hearted attempts placed off aside
Why lie, it gets the best of me sometimes

I hit every light on the way to your house
And got stopped by the man cause my brake lights out
And I said I'm sorry sir I'll get it fixed right away
And maybe I'm just bitter and I need to forget
All the problems circulating at the top of my head
But I just can't let em, yeah I just can't let em out

Why try, whole hearted attempts placed off aside
Why lie, it gets the best of me sometimes
Why lie, it truly gets inside my mind
Track Name: Devils
The devil looked me in the eyes
And called me by my name
Knowing of the consequence
Denied the deal he's made
What if's running through my head
Distorts my mental frame
He tipped his hat, and big farewell
And said I know that you will come around

So I'll dig deep into my soul
Find a stronger me I used to know
The one who said they'd never give up
The one who said they'd never let...

Clouded head with bad ideas
And dangerous demands
Boredom calls, my greatest fall
The devil finds work for idle hands
I'm just so tired, completely uninspired
I've lost my grip on everything, on everything

And my heart succeeds again
A civil war now with my mind
All the time
And I'm losing it again
Say what you want but
I'll be fine, I'll be fine

Strong confident man
Try not to break character
If no one knows it exists
Then it never happened
Track Name: Stay The Night
I'm the Monday morning blues
With this tired rotten attitude
And it's all because of you
We're trying to hold on
But it's slowly getting harder now
We'll hang on somehow

Stay the night we'll be alright
I know we'll come around
I know we'll come around
And we can't stop now

I'm tired what's the use
This week is no good news
And it's all because of you
Am I thinking way to much?
Or not thinking at all?
It's so delusional, it's so delusional

Why do you build yourself up on killing me?
I just got to get away
Get away, come on get away
Why do you get yourself off on killing me?
I just got to get away
Get away, come on get away
Track Name: Anti Hero
Collar my thoughts my mind keeps running away
A changing of foundation over night
To hold on for now in hope that change is on it's way
A cause that may have lost itself tonight

Maybe I'm just getting tired of these ups and downs
Maybe I need to find a different pair of eyes to view the life
So then I can realize, what goes on inside your mind

To chew you up, or swallow you whole
We're so misunderstood
And it hurts more than it ever should
(I am wrong)
Cause I am the anti hero
(i am flawed)
And I am flawed and I am wrong
But I will always find a way to save the day
Track Name: Sleep Sound
I'm sorry that I'm leaving
Was never good with goodbyes
Never ment to hurt you
Never ment to make you cry
When the truth came out I was left defenseless
With a promise I couldn't keep
So just close your eyes
And try to forget about me

Sleep sound tonight
So when the morning comes
I hope you'll feel alright
All in all I wrote this song I could
Tell you that I'm sorry
To tell you that I'm sorry
I'm sorry, I'm sorry

I'm staring at the pictures you sent
For hours at a time
I wasn't sure how much I cared
Till I had to say goodbye
I know the nights get lonelier
The longer that I'm gone
I never got to thank you
While you patiently hold
Onto the thought that this whole thing could last
It's a promise I know i can keep
So just close your eyes
And please don't forget about me
Track Name: Let Me Down
Do you remember all the days we used to laugh?
Not a worry bout' the future or the past
Now I'm buried underground in so much debt
With all the things that haven't even happened yet

Now I can't find my way back
I've been searching for so long
And I'm stuck in these dead ends
Now I can't find my way back home

No, don't shut me out
And don't let me down
No, don't shut me out
And don't let me down

I know you're not one to go back
On all the things that you said
But please try, oh try you're best
To not let me down again

Cause we're fucked and we know it
And we're scared cause we show it
This is me falling
This is me giving up on us

I've had a dream turn into nothing in just days
I've watched my hero's turn their backs and walk away
But it I could change the past all for myself
I wouldn't trade anything with anybody else
With anybody else.