The Best Has Yet To Come

by Giants at Large

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released November 19, 2010

Matt Lagattuta- Vocals/Guitar
Travis Mcgee- Guitar
Joey Fox- Guitar/Vocals
Brian Thomann- Bass/Vocals
CJ Kostaras- Drums



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Giants at Large New York, New York


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Track Name: Goodbye LI
So goodbye, goodbye LI
I'll see you another time it's just that
These six strings say that it's time to go
And this time well be gone for more than the weekend
The way that were moving there's no time for thinking
Dear mother I thought that you should know
That I'm never coming home

Cross your fingers well get there and back
No matter what they say well find our way across the mapCoast to coast
Hold on kid the best has yet to come
Were not wasting our time were doing what we love
It's what we love
Track Name: Atlantic Beach
We're broken down, we're nowhere bound
I'm sorry Newport News we won't be seeing you around

We're twenty two and a half hours south from home
Now there's nowhere else, there's nowhere left to go

We're stranded in the sunshine state
But we'll find a way to get through the day
Just know that everythings okay
We've landed in this long heated debate
But we'll be just fine nothings on my mind
I'm just glad that we made it out alive

What the hell were we thinking
Lucks never been a good friend�
So why do we depend on him
He always seems to screw us over in the end

But we made it out alive
At least we made it out alive
Track Name: Believer
I've got this sinking feeling
Despite how empty I feel inside
And although my world has ended
I'll somehow make it out alive
Oh I cant believe this is happening
But it was clear as day to see this coming
I watched it go on and on but never thought a thing
All the weight in the world couldn't keep me down

You can't stop a believer�
Cause even when the worst of the worst has come for us
We won't go down tonight
Not without a fight

I've got this hopeful feeling�
Despite how useless I feel inside
And although this has all ended
It's always on mind
So as you like to my face try your best not to stutter
I'm not burning a bridge I'm just building another
We're moving on, yeah we're moving on

Cause giving ups not moving on
Track Name: Believe Her
I'm a believer, but I just don't believe her
Track Name: Prove Me Wrong
I've got these plans can't seem to follow through with them
I've got these hands where everything falls out I'll pretend
That I've got all this figured out and I found the cure for feeling down
Remind me not to look away when I say
That things are alright, but you know that I'm such a bad liar
You think I haven't figured you out, cause I know what you're all about

Should this be it would it be for the better
To call it off now before it gets any deeper
I've got this terrible feeling that it won't be long
Please prove me wrong

It's been too long
I'm just another face in the crowd�
Another person you never cared about
It's been too long
You think I haven't figured you out
Cause I know what you're all about

I guess this is it and it'll be for the better
We'll call it off now before it gets any deeper
Track Name: Song For Your Mixtape
These restless eyes refuse to wake�
They're sick of the choices that I make
The ones that end with fingers crossed
Results in missing what I've lost
Forbidden word I refuse to say
I admit I feel you everyday
This stupid game you insist to play
Why do I put up with you anyway

Well here's to change

Cause I don't wanna write sad songs anymore

Your disappointment won't bring me down
And some might say it killed me but I kind of think it saved me
You destroyed all I created and left me for dead
So I build myself up and now I'm something and you just mean nothing

Because I don't want to write about you anymore
Track Name: Hold On Kid
I've got this terrible feeling in my head
I've got this terrible feeling in my chest
She said don't wait up for me
Track Name: The Best Has Yet To Come
So I'm staring at the bed where I kissed her goodnight
Back four days ago when the whole world felt right
It's got me feeling so low
Now she's headed back down to the sunshine state
The very same place that destroyed what I created
It's got me feeling so low
It's got me feeling all alone tonight

Can't fight this feeling, no

Now they say it must go wrong before it goes right
But it seems the right just never caught his flight
Yeah it's got me feeling so low
Now I'm praying to a god I don't know even exists
Hoping he can somehow just get me through this
It's got me feeling so low
It's got me feeling all alone tonight

Hold on kid the best has yet to come